Mithun P. Acharya
Senior Leader Scientist -- Artificial Intelligence
Raleigh, NC USA
acharya DOT mithun AT gmail

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I am a Senior Lead Data Scientist at LexisNexis (a legal AI leader), working in the areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Conversational AI, and Bots. Before that, as a Team Manager and Lead Principal Scientist, I led the Artificial Intelligence Group for the Carol Data and AI platform at TOTVS Labs (focusing on Computer Vision, NLP, and ERP/Tabular Analytics). Prior to that, I was a Machine Learning Tech Lead and Lead Principal Scientist at ABB (AI for power, robotics, and automation sectors). My areas of work and interest in AI include Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Timeseries Forecasting, Autonomous Systems, and Reinforcement Learning.

Selected Works

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Machine Learning and Data Mining

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