Second opening in our team ... This time for a Senior Data Analytics Researcher. Please apply here (…/60690…/senior-data-analytics-researcher ) and drop me a line.

US ABB Corp. Research in Raleigh (NC) is looking for a full-time Senior Research Scientist in the area of Analytics with Data Science/Engineering background. Some details follow.

Group: Software Research Group, ABB Corporate Research. 
Relevant Areas: Analytics, Software Engineering, (Industrial) Internet of Things, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Visualization, Software and Systems Architecture, Digital and Cloud Technologies, Cyber Security, Mobile Computing and Platforms, Distributed Control Systems, Analytics for Robotics, Industrial Automation, and Grid/Power Analytics. Scientists will have the flexibility to work across the Software research portfolio, shifting with evolving project needs.
Starting: immediately 
Where: Raleigh, NC (ABB Corp. Research is located in NC State's Centennial campus)
Link (for full-time):…/60690…/senior-data-analytics-researcher

Our group has strong ties with universities and, with a strong business focus, we are always looking to collaborate with academia via avenues such as student internships (3-12 months duration, open throughout the year), jointly applying for public-funded proposals, hosting sabbaticals for our academic colleagues, and of course sharing industrial and software engineering data for collaborative research.